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1 Session $15, 3 Sessions for $25

Everyone participating at Skate School needs to be a member and wear a helmet. 1 session is $15, and 3 one hour sessions is $25. Under 18 yrs. old need to have a parent signature. All members are able to use our school boards, helmets and pads.

One Year Membership to Skate School is $70

Everyone participating at Skate School needs to become a member and wear a helmet. This one year membership comes with 3 hours of Skate Time, then you buy time or lessons as needed throughout the year. Members are able to use our school boards, pads and helmets. Under 18 yrs. old will need a parents signature.

Memberships for Camps and Clinics

A Temporary Membership is included in the price of all Camps, Clinics and Field Trips held here in Santa Fe, NM. You will still need to sign a waiver and if you are under 18 you will also need the signature of a parent or guardian.

College Clubs

Load up your crew and head to Skate School in Santa Fe, NM

Does your High School, College or local shop have a club or team? What kind of skating do you like to do together? Skate School has several programs to help you reach your and goals. Plan a trip here to Santa Fe for a long weekend or we`ll come to where you are and hold a clinic or help you run an event.

Clubs and teams receive personalized group instruction to help identify which fundamentals will help to keep you progressing and we`ll give you plenty of on board homework for the coming months. Whether it`s in the streets, the skate parks or out on the hills, we always start with the safety skills and drills that you will need to progress without getting hurt. Falling is a given in this sport, get used to it. The difference between Falling and Crashing is the most important skill to learn because if you`re not falling you are not pushing your self and that is a big part of progressing.

Have your Club President or Team Manager give us a call to discuss how we can help provide an enriching experience for your next skate adventure.

Graduate Program

Become a Skate School Affiliate

Across the country as more public skate parks are being built, there is an increasing opportunity for small Private parks to cater to the specific needs of beginners and their parents. Private parks can offer many things that public parks cannot, like after school programs, ongoing lessons, summer camps, special events, competitions and birthday parties. Parents love "Mom`s Night Out" where they can drop off and pick up late, teenagers love all night "lock ins" and film nights.

Our proven model has shown that many parents feel more comfortable getting their young skaters started in a safe, supervised environment with proper instruction and a focus on safety skills. The main reason that people stop skating is because they have been injured, usually from a lack of safety skills and getting in `over their head` often through peer pressure.

Our affiliate program will help you develop your own school to meet the needs of your community and clientele, and assist you in the design and building of your park, getting insurance and managing your programs. It also includes being enrolled in our Graduate Program so that you are well prepared to teach skateboarding at different levels and know the history of our sport.

We`ll train you and your staff to be come Certified Instructors in short boarding and long boarding and provide you with programs, courses and events to help you effectively establish your School. You will be able to impart confidence to your local skate community and their families that your place is where they want to be!

Contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss how we can help you start your own Skate School and have a rewarding career in skateboarding.

Graduate Program

Some of our most famous graduates have gone on to ride for major sponsors, traveled and skated all over the world, compete in and win major events! To Graduate from Skate School you will need to complete the following courses:

Levels 1 and 2 Certification for Instructor
Complete one S.L.A.P. event
Attend one Long board and one Race Camp
History and Vocabulary (online)
Upon completion of these 5 requirements, Skate School pledges that if you still don`t have a sponsor then we will find you one! Here are a few of our distinguished graduates:

William Brunson: Won Top Challenge in Montreal, Canada and was on the podium there 3 consecutive times. The reigning champion at the Bear, the world`s largest banked slalom race for 5 years in a row.

David Price: Rides for TimeShip Racing, Roe Racing and Predator Helmets. He`s now brand and team manager for Predator helmets and marketing director for Roe Racing. Dave has been on the Euro circuit 3 times, and traveled to Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

Kody Noble: Rides for Paris Trucks, Divine Wheels, TimeShip Racing and has a new Pro model board for Riviera Boards. He has been to Australia, New Zealand and Europe twice to skate and film in epic locations!

James West: Rides for Rayne Longboards, Divine Wheels, TimeShip Racing and has a new Pro model truck for Paris Trucks. He has been to Europe recently for a month to skate and film and just returned from 4 weeks racing border cross in Australia.

Ryan Ricker: Lives in San Diego, CA and rides for TimeShip Racing, Gravity Skateboards and Skate School.


Race May 10th S.L.A.P May 11-12

Get on the Bus!

This just in! A $1000 prize purse will be up for grabs on May 10th as riders race a challenging course around cones, over jumps, ladders, gaps and urban obstacles. Bungee`s and band aids will be provided! Entry fee is FREE for registered SLAP riders, $20 for anyone else that just wants to race. Helmets are required.

The S.L.A.P. gathering is unlike any other event on the Planet! It is an annual event held in Albuquerque, New Mexico which tests endurance while focusing on safety skills. Skate School`s famous 3 Board minimum is just that, the Minimum. You will want to have enough quiver options for several terrains or be prepared to sit and watch.

Ride up to 60 miles of shuttled skating over 2 days! You`ll be rewarded with noodle legs, sun burn and ditch rash as likely side effects. In the arid high deserts of New Mexico at 5000 ft elevation there are radical swings in the weather and temperature every day. Start training now to increase your chances of keeping up with some of the safest long boarders in the world.

This event has a cap of 70 riders and sells out every year. Refund deadline is on 4/20 at 4:20pm just to be safe, leaving us time to notify riders that are on the waiting list. Discounts for early registration, penalty for registering the Day of the Event.

To register, choose from ONE of the registration options on the drop down menu, then use the PayPal button to insure your spot. You will be e-mailed detailed information with lodging info, schedule of events and where to check in for your riders packet and shuttle pass.


Skate School leads a guided tour of the World`s Largest Ballooning event! We`ll chase hot air balloons by board and help them land in unpredictable places. Then we`ll skate Albuquerque`s most famous ditches, hills, parks and enjoy authentic New Mexican cuisine. COST INCLUDES LODGING, TRANSPORTATION AND EXPERT GUIDES. Special events will be held at The Bear.

Balloon Fiesta runs from Oct. 4 - 12, 2014. Contact Skate School for date availability, group rates and custom itineraries at 505-474-0074. The Facebook Event page is at Balloon SLAP

Safe Longboard Awareness Program

SLAP`s Message is Simple! Learn about and Teach new riders the skills they need to be SAFE and be harsh about it!

Never ride with someone that can’t stop or won`t wear a helmet. Have an extra helmet to lend and take 10 minutes to teach basic foot braking.

Always wear a helmet when riding, use a full face if you plan to go fast! Know how to stop! Foot brake, shut down slide, speed check, knee slide.

Riding on the street, look ahead and behind you every 30 seconds to be aware of cars, bikes and pedestrians. Riding a ditch, look at the sky every 10 minutes for any dark clouds. Know when to quit!

Learn and Teach safety skills first, push limits second. Learn to slow down and stop BEFORE you learn to go faster than you can run out. Learn to go to your knee pads and slide BEFORE you learn to drop into the pool, park or ramp.

Wear slide gloves and knee pads when learning new things…you ARE going to fall. Falling and Crashing are not the same, practice using your safety gear.

Contact us if you would like to start a SLAP Chapter in your area.

Upcoming Events

Friday Night Skate Film Series on the Big Screen, FREE!

We are featuring skate films and videos from the past 5 decades including vintage films, the era of VHS tapes and modern DVD releases. Whether it`s an old favorite, one you may have missed or maybe never heard of, we`ll cover alot of ground as we delve into our rich library of skateboard history! Admission will be FREE, non-members welcome, popcorn, snacks and soda will be available. Show starts at 6pm-8pm. Short skate session afterwards for members only.
Skate School is located at 825 Early St. #H. Phone:474-0074

1/24 "Skater Dater" from 1966 won Best Short Film at Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award.
"Black Label-Label Live" from 2003 featuring the Black Label Team on tour.

1/31 "Downhill Motion" from 1975 documents the spirit and soul of skateboarding.
"Cheese and Crackers" from 2006 Daewon Song and Chris Haslam mix it up in a warehouse full of props.

2/7 "Gravity - Flow" 2003 follows the Gravity team into every imaginable terrain.
"Flip-Extremely Sorry" 2009 features amazing street skating from the Flip crew!

2/14 "Future Primitive" 1985 is the 2nd release from Stacy Peralta and the legendary Bones Brigade.
"Landyachtz EH Team" 2010 is a documentary about the start of Landyachtz and skating in Vancouver BC.

2/21 "Rising Sun" 2006 is an award winning documentary about the legend of Pro skater Christian Hosoi.
"Beers, Bowls and Barneys" 2004 released by Thrasher Magazine the name says it all, very entertaining!