Skate School Santa Fe was started by Joe Lehm in 2003. Joe has been skating since 1969 and has watched skateboarding evolve to where it is today.  Since then we have put on about 80 sanctioned races, contests, and other events across the US. Some of our team riders and graduates have gone on to compete in events all over the U.S., Canada, Europe, Peru, Argentina and as far away as Australia. Joe has also travelled to China twice, once with Team USA and once to help open a Private Skate School in Ningbo. He has also met with the US Olympic committee advising on skateboardings inclusion in the upcoming Olympics.

At Skate School Santa Fe, we always start our students off with the safety equipment, skills, and drills that they need to progress without getting hurt. Falling is a given in this sport, but there is a big difference between Falling and Crashing. We teach all-around skateboarding skills and the importance of learning the fundamentals of traditional skateboarding. Time and again we’ve seen good bowl or street skaters become great after developing skills in other skateboard disciplines like downhill or freestyle. Living and training in a skateboard paradise has certainly helped too, and we continue to put on challenging and fun events.

825 Early St.
Suite H
Santa Fe, NM 87505