Our indoor skate park was established in 2003 and is internationally recognized as a leader in skateboard education. We specialize in teaching the fundamentals of all 4 kinds of skateboarding, certifying instructors and preserving the unique history and vocabulary of skateboarding. We offer lessons for all ages and abilities, summer camps, special events and weekly open skate sessions.


Private Lessons are 1/2 and hour long, private one on one and come with on board “Homework” to help students keep progressing.

1 Private Lesson……….$36

Lesson Package [4 Private Lessons]……….$155
Comes with additional 4 hours of Open Skate time to practice.

Group Lessons……….$100 per hr
Available upon request.

Skate Camps

Summer Skate Camps are a great way to improve your skate skills or explore something new. Each Summer we hold three different types of skate camps:

1. Longboarding

These 3 day Camps explore Santa Fe riding bike paths, parking lots and hills. We’ll teach you how to turn, control your speed and stop. Riders need to already know how to push, stand and steer. Learn several ways to stop and the basics of sliding. 

If you don’t have a long board we have plenty to lend.

2023 Dates:
June 12th – 14th, July 3rd – 5th, July 24th – 26th

3 Day Long Board Camp……….$200 + tax  
For ages 9 and up, 9am to 4pm each day.

2. Ramps and Bowls

This 5 day Camp will cover the basics of riding skate parks and ramps. We’ll start each day at a public skate park, then head back to our indoor park for the afternoon. Riders need to be able to already push, stand and steer. Private lessons are available prior to camps to get them up to speed.

2023 Dates:
May 29th – June 2nd, June 5th – 9th, June 19th – 23rd , July 10th – 14th, July 17th – 21st

Ramps and Bowls Camp……….$330 + tax  
Ages 8 and up, 9am-4pm each day.

3. Race Camps

Learn start techniques, power pushing, the tactics of drafting, passing, cornering and advancing. Learn about how improve performance by correctly setting up your board for the course. We always start with the safety skills and drills that you will need to progress without getting hurt. We’ll also help you set some goals and choose which kind of race you would like to work towards attending. 

2023 Dates:
July 31st – Aug 2nd

Race Camp……….$350 + tax
Per person

Instructor Certification

Level 1

This 12 hour course takes place over 2 days at our Skate School in Santa Fe, NM. 9am to 4pm. 
Virtual option also available.

Our Instructor Certification courses are endorsed by the Skatepark Assoc. International (SPAI), International Distance Skateboarding Assoc. (IDSA) Skateboard Supercross (SBSX) and Maryhill University in eastern Washington. This 2 day course is designed to enable you to teach skateboarding’s basics to someone that has never set foot on a board. Teaching beginners is a skill that can be very rewarding because you help get them stoked on skating! You’ll learn some ramp and bowl drills to use in lessons, as examples and assign as homework. Some basic history and vocabulary will be covered as well because it is important that instructors are able to share the roots of our sport with their students.

We’ll send you with the Student Testing criteria which helps you determine the actual skill level of a student as they progress. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion and a Skate School shirt. There is plenty of lodging nearby and many great restaurants.

Level 1 Instructor Certification……….$350
Per person 

Level 2 

The level 2 Instructor Certification is a 6 hour course that takes place in one day at our Skate School in Santa Fe, NM. This 1 day course requires that you have already completed your Level 1 Certification and it can be added as a 3rd day or can be completed at a later date. This course will focus on teaching intermediate riders the basics of dropping in, grinds, carves, lip tricks, slides and airs. It also includes longboard basics like foot braking carving and sliding. We’ll send you with the Student Testing criteria which helps you determine the actual skill level of a student as they progress. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion and a Skate School shirt.  

Level 2 Instructor Certification……….$175
Per person

825 Early St.
Suite H
Santa Fe, NM 87505