Virtual Coaching and Consulting With Joe Lehm


  • All forms of Racing:
    • Downhill
    • Long Distance
    • Boardercross
    • Slalom
  • All forms of Riding:
    • Skatepark
    • Bowls
    • Pump Tracks
    • Free Riding
    • Street
    • Freestyle

Who is it for?

  • Racers looking to improve and podium
  • Older skaters returning to their boards
  • Injured skaters training through their recovery
  • Up and coming skaters interested in best practices for cultivating sponsorships and teams 

As skaters, we all want to improve. Firstly in our skills, results, podiums and ultimately in our confidence.


  • Coaches and skatepark owners 
  • Event organizers and promoters
  • State and local agencies promoting helmet safety, skate programs, and new skateparks
  • Anyone interested in a deeper dive into the history, vocabulary, and culture of skateboarding 

After years of being asked, Joe is now focusing on full-time coaching. 

What exactly does that mean for you?

Skateboard Coach Joe Lehm has helped dozens of competitive racers and over 5,000 students at Skate School reach their untapped potential for deeper flow and success. Whether it is learning a better line down the famous Loops Road at Maryhill University (over 100 graduates!), taking a new approach to your local park or bowl, preparing for Ditch Slap, or training to podium at the World Championships. Joe brings over 50 years of diverse skateboarding to Every. Single. Lesson. Each session is designed to identify the gaps in your current skills and infuse the right knowledge to improve.

Your next step: schedule a free 15 minute consultation. We’ll discuss your interests, set short and long term goals, and discuss how to get the most from your coaching sessions, including making time to practice.

“What Joe Lehm is doing in New Mexico with the All Around Challenge where skaters have to skate pool, park, slalom, street and downhill…that is Progression”

Tony Alva 


  • First 15 Minute Consultation: Free
  • 30 Minute Coaching or Consulting Session: $50
  • 1 hour session: $75
  • Virtual Instructor Certification: Level 1 $350, Level 2 $175
  • Personalized options available, sign up for consultation to discuss